We Are:
1- Spar Energie General Trading L.L.C.
Vision: Save energy for the next generation
Mission: Supply vital electronic products, as part of a technical solution, which meet our customer needs to save energy
We started in Syria/Damascus 1979 for electric and electronic industries.
Business Type: Techno Solutions / Manufacture
2- Sister Company: (Yatronic) ,(www.yatronic.de) a German company specialized in industrial designs.
Spar Energie General Trading:
We produce vital electronic products, which meet our local customer needs,
Established in UAE/Dubai 2015 for General Trading.
Business Type: Techno saving Energy Solutions.
Our Policy:  Study – Analyze – Develop – Produce the solution.
Our business procedure:
We provide the suitable solutions for a current technical situation by:
1- Study it
2- Analyze it
3- Discuss and order our suggestions through our point view, from (Yatronic)
4- Yatronic sends one or more design (software +hardware)
5- We assemble the suitable design for the first time
6-We Test and send feed back to (yatronic) many times
7- Produce the prototype and make several hard experiments
8- Produce small quantities for experimental installing purpose
9- Produce for the market according to market study
 we can improve and solve new techno problems.
Market: Middle East

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