Microwave Radar Sensor

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Microwave Radar Sensor:

The sensor is an active motion detector, It emits high-frequency 5.8GHz electro-magnetic waves and receives the reflected waves to be analyzed by its Microcontroller.

The sensor can detects even the slightest movement in its detection zone and then triggers its internal relay which turn on the Lights / Loads. Detection is possible through doors, panes of glass or thin walls.

Important notes:

*This radar sensor would respond better for the persons (or objects) that move towards the sensor.

*The high-frequency output of this sensor is less than 10mW which is just 1% of the transmission power of a mobile phone or a microwave oven…

Technical Specifications:

Power Supply: 220-240 VAC  / 50-60Hz   , Power Consumption: 0.9W Approx.

Installation: Ceiling mounting.

HF system: 5.8GHz CW Radar, ISM Band, Detection Angle 360°

Range Detection 2-10m (Adjustable).

Hold Time Setting: 10 Sec. to 30 Min. (Adjustable)

Light Sensing Control: 10 ~ 500 Lux, 24h.

Rated Load: 1200W (220-240VAC), 600W (100-130VAC).