Car Parking lights save 80% off the electric bill

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    Car Parking lights Raywill Tri-Proof Dimmable LED light with Radar Sensor (Designed Specially for car parking areas)

     Lower your Car Parking Electricity Bill:

    By Installing Raywill Tri-Proof LED light with Radar Sensor,
    (No movements: Lights are dimmed to 30%)

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Why our solution?
1. You will gain:
5 years warranty, depending on high quality components and the aluminum heat sink housing.
Lower electric bill up to 80%.
The dim light hours prolong the life time of our Tri Proof lights more than the 5 years warranty time, which results in more savings.
2. It’s cost will be covered in less than 12 months, by the amount deducted from your car parking electric bill.
3. It can be installed with the same normal cabling.
4. Because of our high Lumen per watt (135 to 150), we can install less lights quantity than the fluorescent lamps.
Note: Samples can be installed, upon request.