Engine Order Telegraph

  • Description

    System description:

    This telegraph system is for transferring orders from one location to the other without the need to install a bulky cable with separate wire for each order.

    The EOT System uses a simple twisted pair cable to transfer a huge amount of different orders.

    The basic telegraph system consists of at least 2 transmitter/receiver modules. The selected order on one module will be available on the outputs of the opposite module with the same module coding.

    It can be used on board of all types of vessels, for communication between wheelhouse position and the engine (control) room.

    System specifications:

    Every module is supplied with:

    –        Order selector switch ( 6 positions + off)

    –        Free contacts relay for each command, which can be connected to a separate load or alarm.

    –        Signal leds : ( 6 receiver leds + 6 transmitter leds )

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