Ethernet EMV-Protection 100BASE fibre (Made in Germany)

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    • EMC protection for Industrial Ethernet networks
    • The operational processes are protected
    • Production losses are avoided
    • Resistant against noise, isolation via fiber optic (FO)
    • Point-to-point transparent mode Ethernet EMC protection 100BASE fiber
    • Almost 100% EMC protection

    Tech. Data Ethernet EMC – protection 100BASE fiber

    • Existing networks with wiring on copper can easily by intervening stuck with the Ethernet EMC protection 100BASE fiber be retrofitted
    • Reliable signal through Ethernet decoupling on

       Fiber Optic (FO)

    • Separation between parts with EMC load and control panels in foreign networks
    • Transparent mode point-to-point Ethernet connection
    • Nominal input voltage 12/24 VDC, max. 3.5 W
    • Supports IPv4 and IPv6 data transport
    • LEDs for connection and activity speed 100Base
    • DIN rail housing: UEG-EU-BE 35 x 127.5 X 172 (W x H x T in mm)
    • Ambient temperature: -10 to 55 ° C, 10 to 90 % Relative humidity (non-condensing) Electromagnetic interference from affecting the

    Practice repeatedly the function of important systems and interrupting the operation process. This unique device guarantees maximum safety for Ethernet cables. With retrofitting by the Ethernet 100BASE EMC protection fiber you create approximately 100% EMC protection.

    When used in existing Industrial Ethernet Networks with conventional wiring is the Ethernet data line via fiber-optic cable (FOC) decoupled with simultaneous galvanic isolation the voltage supply.

    – No operation failure by misbehavior (EMC) at cable bound Industrial Ethernet.

    – Decoupled networks with EMC interference (Industrial Ethernet) for communication with

    – Foreign networks.

    – The fiber optic data transmission is immune to stray electromagnetic interference.

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