Smart Card Access System

  • Description

    Smart card door opening and power saving system

    General description:

    The smart card switching system activates a function via a pre programmed smart card. The activated function can be a door opener or a relay switch for switching any electrical load (power saver).

    The system includes the following items:

    PC program To:

    1- Program, set, create and issue all kinds of smart cards needed for the system.

    2- Set the RTC (Real Time Clock) of the RTC programming unit and the door opener unit.

    Door opener unit (DOU).

    Power Saver unit (PSU): This unit is mounted on the wall inside the room (Must use the specific hotel key cards).

    Programmer (CPU): This unit has 2 functions:

    1) Program and read the individual smart cards.

    2) Set and read the RTC of the RTC programming unit.

    RTC Programming unit (TPU): The RTC programming unit (TPU): is mainly used to set the internal RTC (Real Time Clock) of the door units.

    Smart cards: Secure smart cards especially programmed to offer a fairly secure system working,with expiry date.

    The system is kept simple, which make it easy to use.

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