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Automatic Electrical Controller For Water Pumps    HSF-3030                                           
Specifications of the Device : 

– Water pressure sensor

-Water flow sensor

– search for water

– Electronic Board computer System (smart system).

– Six light indicators which show the operation of the device, pump and water.

– Device restart button.

– Pressure sensor starting from (0.5 < 3 bar)

– Pressure endurance limit of the device body (Maximum 10 bars) .

– Water pressure gauge.

– Device water inlet/outlet (1″).

– Device body and all main parts are made of plastic (Polyamide fibers).

– Pressure sensor lash is made of thermal silicon.

– Water flow sensor lash is made of thermal silicon. 

– Electric cable and plug from the device to the electric socket (3×0.75mm) 0r (according to customer request ).

– Electric cable from the device to the water pump (3×0.75mm). or ( according to customer request).

– Voltage: 220 volt  AC

– Electric current: 16 Amps. maximum.

– Electric Power: 1.5 KW. maximum.

– Fit with pumps types 0.5hp – 1hp -1.5hp

– Water temperature, maximum 65 °C.

– Easy to install and maintain.

– The device was designed to suite hot and cold weather (Europe, Asia, Middle East and Arabian Gulf)